Internships Abroad

Sending beauty and massage trainees abroad has been our aim for years. By now our passion has grown into a business, which gives us the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

An internship abroad gives you the opportunity to grow your work-based knowledge and provides you with an easier transition from learning to working.

We expect all candidates, who have learned or are currently learning to become a masseuse, massage therapist, physiotherapist, physiotherapist’s assistant, SPA assistant, SPA therapist, cosmetic, hairdresser, yoga or pilates trainer.

Duration: 2 weeks – 1 year. If both the candidate and the employer agree, the candidate can also continue to work in the same place after the time period.

Working hours: 8h a day on average, 5-6 days a week. Working hours vary among hotels.
Employer offers: Usually employers offer housing, catering, and training.
To apply for the position please fill out this CV form

Prerequisites for the candidate:

• Proof of acquiring a professional education
• Ability to speak the language of the destination country at a minimum level of A1
• Motivation to live in foreign country for 2 weeks-12 months
• European passport / citizenship

Even though an internship is usually paid, there are some expenses which might be necessary to get started. Here you can find a list of expenses you should take into consideration:
• Airplane ticket and travel insurance
• Insurance that covers work related incidents
• Work shoes and clothing, if necessary
• In exceptional cases food and accommodation expenses (usually employer offers food and housing)
• Language course fees, if necessary

Helen Anvelt – DreamJob consultant

Helen has been coordinating international projects since 1998. She has been an invaluable member of our team since 2012 and has done amazing work ever since. She is professional, hardworking and conscientious.

Helen is a passionate traveler. She has already visited over 30 different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and the list is still  growing!

If you intend to work or practice your skills abroad just give her a call or write an e-mail.